Ballot draw signifies commencement of Federal Election

The countdown to the federal election is on, following the crucial ballot paper positions draw and the opening of postal voting and early voting centres on Monday, April 29.
In the race for Dobell, Aaron Harpley-Carr for the United Australia Party has come up trumps with the number one position.
The sitting member, Labor’s Emma McBride, who holds the seat with a 4.8 percent margin, was drawn fifth on the ticket.
There’s a field of six in Dobell, in the following order: United Australia Party, Aaron Harpley-Carr; Christian Democrats, Paul Grundy; Liberal National Party, Jilly Pilon; The Greens, Scott Rickard; Australian Labor Party, Emma McBride; and Independent, Gregory Stephenson.
In Shortland there is a field of seven, with, Susan Newbury, for the Sustainable Australia party taking the top spot and the sitting member, Labor’s, Pat Conroy, who holds the seat with a margin of 9.9 percent, in third position on the ticket.
The ballot paper positions are: Sustainable Australia, Susan Newbury; Christian Democratic Party, Xing Yu; Australian Labor Party, Pat Conroy; United Australia Party, Dani Rifai; The Greens, Wylie Campbell; Animal Justice Party, Bryan McGrath; and, Liberal National Party, Nell McGill.

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