Three shared pathways to be funded by a Labor Federal Government

Shadow Minister for Infrastructure, Anthony Albanese (centre); with (from left) We Ride Australia Director, Stephen Hodge; Member for Shortland, Pat Conroy; Member for Dobell, Emma McBride; and Labor candidate for Robertson, Anne Charlton

Three shared pathways which have been the subject of long community campaigns, and now on Central Coast Council’s priority list, could be a few steps closer to being established, following a Labor Party promise of a $15m contribution.
The Tuggerawong foreshore pathway is a new 1km section to connect the existing pathway at Friday St, Tuggerawong, to the play area at Tuesday St, Don Small Oval, Tacoma.
The Avoca Kincumber loop will follow the route along Avoca Dr, Kincumber, from Empire Bay Dr to Cape Three Points Rd, Avoca Beach, to extend the existing shared pathway network from Kincumber to Avoca Beach.
Mannering Park’s existing shared pathway will be extended to Chain Valley Bay.
Federal Members, Pat Conroy (Shortland) and Emma McBride (Dobell), announced the $15m funding as part of Labor’s policy of a $260m National Bike Paths Strategy which, they said, was the largest ever investment in shared pathways from a federal government.
“These projects have already been identified by Central Coast Council as priorities and a Labor Government will ensure they are delivered,” Conroy said.
McBride said community groups, including the Tuggerawong Pathway Group and the Avoca Community Association have also called for more investment in local shared pathways.
“This will complement Council’s commitment to invest in its Bike Plan,” she said.
The draft Central Coast Bike Plan is expected to come before Council for debate and approval later in 2019.
It contains two options for the community driven Mannering Park to Chain Valley Bay pathway.
Mannering Park Precinct Committee has waged a 10-year campaign for a foreshore route to Kingfisher Shores, which is favoured by the majority, and indicated in a number of community surveys conducted by the Precinct and Council.
The other option is along Ruttleys Rd and the Pacific Highway.
A report to Council’s meeting on April 29 said money for preliminary investigation and assessment of design options was included in the draft 2019/20 budget which is yet to be adopted by Council.
Councillor, Jillian Hogan, queried the community consultation process and Roads Transport Drainage and Waste Director, Boris Bolgoff, reported that it would be undertaken in 2020, across various platforms such as Council’s online site, social media such as Facebook, letterbox drops, and direct information and feedback sessions held at Mannering Park and Chain Valley Bay.

Media release, Apr 26
Federal Members, Pat Conroy, (Shortland) and, Emma McBride, (Dobell)
Central Coast Council Ordinary Meeting, Apr 29
Website, Central Coast Council

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