Climate change denier’s comments questioned

In response to Garry Clifford’s letter published in Coast Community News edition 205; As a community newspaper it is expected the editor will not enforce strict conditions to published submissions.
Variation to standards, within good reason, is expected.
I have read Mr Clifford’s email numerous times and still do not understand how it is possible to believe climate change does not exist on the flimsy information supplied.
Mr Clifford has also failed to provide details on how genuine debate is going to cover multiple generations.
Does he intend to organise a student forum like the one convened by Mayor Jane Smith in November 2018, with invitations to students on both sides of the climate change debate?
Will this forum be open for public observation?
Mr Clifford will need to provide more informed comment on climate change to counter the overwhelming scientific knowledge that indeed exists.
In November 29, 2015, I attended a rally in Sydney to highlight the urgent need to keep temperature rise below 2°C.
Thousands of climate change believers attended the rally.
I do not know the source of Mr Clifford’s claim that the temperature has only risen by 0.8°C in 100 years.
The fear is that we are on track to exceed plus 2°C temperature rise in the foreseeable future.
Multi-generational climate change activism is gaining momentum.
Activists accept that the federal election is the last roll of the dice for climate change action.
If action is deferred, the future is a blank canvas for everyone.
That’s when life will really become emotional.
The softly-softly days have passed, into extinction.

Email, Apr 16
Norman Harris, Umina

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