Fundraising efforts result in new equipment for Cancer Centre

The Central Coast Cancer Centre has been able to purchase more than $25,000 in equipment thanks to the fundraising efforts of CancerCare Australia and the Rotary Club of East Gosford.
The new equipment will benefit patients receiving ongoing treatment for lung and thorax cancer as well as small brain tumours.
Cancer Centre staff recently hosted members of the donor group for a morning tea, which was an opportunity to say thank you and demonstrate the new equipment.
Deputy Chief Radiation Therapist, Shaun Clifford, told the group that their donation would help improve the treatment experience for local cancer patients.
The equipment included a new stereotactic radiosurgery kit which can be used to treat patients with secondary cancers that have moved to the brain (metastasis), slow growing benign tumours and also re-treating areas that have previously had radiation therapy.
“This is a non-invasive way to treat patients without surgery,” Clifford said.
“Before this, we only had one kit, so if any parts got broken or lost, we would have had to send patients away to get treated in Sydney, as it is made in Germany and it would take months to replace.
“Now that we have a spare, there will be no risk of disruption to our services,” he added.
The donation also funded three wingboard thorax support systems which are used to support the patient’s head and arms during the treatment of lung and thorax cancer.
This new and improved model is made from carbon fibre and can be customised and adjusted to suit the patient.
“It is much more comfortable for patients and this puts them at ease,” Clifford said.
Rotarian, Rod Chippindale, said his fellow Rotarians were pleased to be able to make a difference and help patients undergoing cancer treatment.
“It is great to see our donation being put to such great use to benefit locals who need it most,” Chippendale said.
Clifford said the Cancer Centre team were extremely grateful for the Central Coast community’s support.
“We have a special relationship with the community and donations like this make it easier for us to do our job and improve patient outcomes and quality of life.”

Media release, Apr 24
Central Coast Local Health District Media

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