Payroll tax is double dipping

I can see that small business is not as prosperous in Australia, as the State Government taxes them to the hilt.
Why is it that small business has to pay tax on the salaries of the staff, then the staff pay tax to the government, isn’t that double dipping?
It is no wonder that businesses are closing and people are out of work.
So the response is to get rid of payroll tax and make the nation strong again in small business.
When I ask politicians where do our taxes go, all they say is, they go to consolidated revenue, so where does it go from there?
I wonder if these people know where it goes.
Let’s have a people’s inquiry into where our taxes go under the people’s court, chaired by a barrister, and the people called upon to give their opinion on where the finance goes.
It is also apparent that the bureaucracy doesn’t like interference from the people that they should be serving.

Email, Mar 23
Robert Findley, Point Clare

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