Alen Stajcic is the Mariners’ new Head Coach

Alen Stajcic

The Central Coast Mariners have announced that Caretaker Coach, Alen Stajcic, has reached an agreement with the club that will see him appointed as Head Coach until the end of the Hyundai A-League 2021/22 season.
Stajcic commenced his role as Caretaker Coach of the Mariners on March 12, and upon signing a new three-year-agreement, highlighted the Central Coast community’s support as a key element to the Club’s success.
“I would like to thank the Central Coast Mariners for inviting me to this great club,” Stajcic said.
“It’s been an absolute privilege being the Caretaker Coach of this team.
“For us to become a successful club again, we need the support of the whole community and we need to show mental toughness and resilience to once again become the proud symbol of the Central Coast.
“I’ll never forget walking through the doors on day one.
“To feel the welcoming aspect of the club, the warmth from the people within the club, to see the hardworking people behind the scenes, it really was eye opening to see how much these people love the club, how much passion there is.
“Now that I know that I am going to be here for the next three years, we really need to set our mind on building this club.
“We all know that it’s been a tough few years and nostalgically we look back to the glory days, but we need to reflect on the past few years and think about how we can rebuild,” Stajcic said.
Central Coast Mariners’ Chairman, Mike Charlesworth, highlighted that the focus for next season has commenced.
“The Central Coast Mariners’ Board is delighted to confirm the appointment of, Alen Stajcic, as Head Coach for the next three years,” Charlesworth said.
“Alen boasts years of success as a coach, and in his short period with us, he has made a very strong and positive impression with his attention to detail, hard-working ethics and his drive and ambition to be successful.
“The Board is now working very closely with Alen to ensure that he and his staff have access to the resources needed to build a competitive squad for next season and beyond.
This remains the club’s number one priority.
“The focus for next season’s squad recruitment is already in full swing,” Charlesworth said.

Media release, May 2
Tyson Scott, Central Coast Mariners Media

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