Paying higher rates blamed on amalgamation

So, we read once again, with dismay, that Councilor Greg Best is lamenting the $220 more per annum that the former Wyong ratepayers are forking out each year than the Gosford ratepayers (Wyong Regional Chronicle edition 163).
This comes from the man who argued and voted for the amalgamation of the two Councils.
Greg you cost us, the ratepayers, $220 per annum on average more and now you want us to believe that you think it’s unfair, that you understand us, and you are standing up for us.
Sorry Greg, you can’t have it both ways, you voted for it, you cost us all dearly.
C’mon Budgewoi Ward, time to work this man out, it’s in your best interest to remember this come the next Council elections.

Email, May 10
Kelvin Wynn, Mannering Park

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