Police officer found guilty

Former Tuggerah Lakes Police District Senior Constable, Daniel Blandford, has been found guilty, in Gosford Court, of sharing private photos of a fellow police officer.
In an agreed upon statement of police facts tendered to the court, it was revealed that Blandford had been in a relationship with a female police officer who sent him a photo of her vagina whilst he was undergoing rehab for alcohol abuse.
The court was told that the pair had been in a relationship between 2015-2017, but things quickly turned sour when Blandford concluded his rehabilitation period, with the female police officer ending their relationship and taking out an Apprehended Violence Order against him in June, 2017.
The female officer then began a new relationship with another man, but Blandford could not accept that she had moved on.
On May 24, 2018, Blandford was drinking with his father when he drafted a message to the female officer’s new partner, which included the image of her vagina.
The court was told Blandford, who was drunk at the time, told his father he thought it would be funny if he sent the photo to the victim’s new partner.
According to the police facts, his father counselled him against sending the message, to which Blandford agreed.
Later that the same day, Blandford’s father would attempt to delete the message and image from his son’s phone, but in his inebriated state, accidently sent the message to the victim’s partner.
Upon receiving the image, the woman’s partner notified her of who sent it to him and she then took the matter to police.
After reviewing the contents of Blandford’s phone, police also learned that he had shared the image with his flat mate and fellow police officer.
Blandford pleaded guilty to two counts of intentionally distributing an intimate image without consent.
He was placed on a two year Community Corrections Order and ordered to perform 150 hours of community service.
He was also ordered to delete the image.

Documents, May 3
Transcript and Casefile 2018/00335416, NSW Department of Justice

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