Cath Connor, The Greens

Cath Connor

“The Greens acknowledge we are facing a climate emergency,” Cath Connor said.
“Let’s act decisively now to protect our environment and rich biodiversity.
“Let’s hand over a liveable planet to future generations.
“On the Central Coast we must: cancel the PEP11 Seismic testing licence and the search for new fossil fuels off our coast; stop the Wallarah 2 coal mine which threatens our drinking water supply and our clean air; and transform our energy system into a clean, smart and jobs rich industry of the future.”
Connor said tax cuts promised by the Coalition Government to the big end of town could instead: build 500,00 new affordable homes; increase Newstart; fully fund TAFE and free university for all Australians; and provide Medicare-funded dental care.
“Let’s build a strong sustainable economy that works for all of us, not just for the wealthy corporations and privileged few,” she said.
“The Greens will always put people before profit, and push government to make decisions for a future for all of us.”

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