Hospital executives chosen

Gosford Private Hospital Executives, Matt Kelly and Jennifer McNamara, have been chosen from over 250 worldwide applicants to present at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic Patient Experience: Empathy and Innovation Summit in the United States.
The pair will present to the Summit’s delegates, sharing the journey Gosford Private’s staff have undertaken over the past two years, developing and embedding a ‘patient-centred’ care approach to healthcare at Gosford Private Hospital, with an emphasis on positive patient experiences and best practice outcomes.
“Gosford Private is at the forefront of a change in the way that hospital providers care for their patients.
“This is still very much an emerging approach in Australia, and we’re pleased to be one of the first hospitals to have moved to a new approach to healthcare, where patients are at the heart of everything we do.
“Our whole team has worked hard over the past two years to establish five key values at Gosford Private: Best Practice; Best Experience; It’s Personal; Respect; and, Positive Energy.
“These values have helped guide the work that we do, and now underpin how the hospital operates, ensuring that all patients, staff and visitors have positive experiences and outcomes,” said Kelly, who is Gosford Private’s Chief Executive Officer.
The presentation submission “Introduction of Patient-Centred Care in the Australian Context” was selected as a perfect fit for the Summit’s program, and the pair will use the session to describe the way the Hospital has changed its organisational culture, guided by consumer engagement and industry best practice from around the world.
The pair will also be interviewed for television and a podcast, with Kelly being invited to take part in an international panel, discussing Gosford Private’s innovative approaches and workplace culture.
“We are proud to have the opportunity to represent Australia and the Central Coast in front of industry experts and hospital executives in Cleveland.
“Although the Central Coast may be relatively small, we are achieving big things and proud to be delivering better health, right here on the Central Coast,” said Kelly.

Media release, May 10
Haydn Murray, Healthe Care Australia

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