Judy Singer, Sustainable Australia

Judy Singer

“As your Sustainable Australia candidate, I am fighting for secure jobs, affordable housing, a sustainable environment and better planning to stop overdevelopment in Robertson,” Judy Singer said.
“Poor planning decisions by all levels of government have led to overdevelopment and congestion in Robertson.
“I believe we need to return real planning power to local communities and ensure community infrastructure is in place before more housing.
“Part of the equation should be reducing population pressure by lowering immigration from a record 200,000pa back to the long-term average of 70,000.
“This reduction in population pressure would ease the negative impact rapid growth has had on the environment and work towards reducing emission to tackle climate change.
“Governments are caving in to demands from developers and big business when making decisions around these issues.
“We need to invest in the research and development of renewable energy technologies, adopting energy efficiency initiatives and investing in environmental protection.
“Instead, the government is allowing mining companies to drill for oil in our fragile oceans.”

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