Labor’s tax policies defended

The following is an open letter to Federal Member for Robertson, Lucy Wicks.
Dear Lucy Wicks, your election leaflet said Labor’s tax policy “weakens the economy with billions of dollars in high taxes.”
That argument is simply not true.
The truth is that the billions of dollars raised as a result of Labor taxes on the rich and multi-nationals, some of whom pay limited or no taxes now, will be spent either by the Labor Government or by working families somewhere in the economy.
Some of the taxes will be spent on vital services by the Labor Government, such as health, education, aged care etc.
Some will be spent by working families because they will be paying lower taxes, and include spending on various family needs.
So if the Labor taxes on the rich and multi-nationals are spent within the economy, how the hell can it undermine the economy.
Liberal policy will result in the rich and the multinationals continuing to get their record profits, a lot of which would finish up overseas, and this is not in the interests of the economy.
So Labor’s tax policies will not undermine the economy but they will create a fairer Australia for the people of Australia.

Email, May 8
Tom McDonald, East Gosford

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