Robert Marks, United Australia Party

Robert Marks

A Umina resident for the past 16 years, Marks is self employed in the financial services sector and commutes daily to Sydney on the M1.
“One of the first things we will do is put the aged pension up by $150 a week,” Marks said.
“We have costed it and we can make this work.
“We will then be reviewing all other pensions, including carers and veterans pensions.
“We will also make mortgages tax deductible for owner-occupiers – this will be a huge saving for home owners and the most significant way to increase the wealth of the country based on people’s biggest asset which is their house.
“The basic gist of the party is that we want to put Australians first and make Australia great again.
“We don’t care what race, creed or religion you are, or whether you’re gay or straight, if you’re An Aussie we want to put you first.”
Marks said the party had a very multicultural candidate base.
“The bottom line is we’re all on same bandwagon,” he said.

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