Sean Bremner Young, Animal Justice Party

Sean Bremner Young

Sean Bremner Young says his main priority is to ban the live export of animals.
“Millions of animals suffer on lengthy sea journeys,” he said.
“We will also combat the climate emergency.
“Urgent action must be taken to address global climate destabilisation.
“We will legislate to protect forests and marine habitats from further destruction and invest in clean energy and the transition from animal agriculture to plant-based agriculture.
“We will push to end factory farming, which causes immense animal suffering.
“We will fight for a rapid phase out of battery hen cages and sow stalls.
“We will also advocate to safeguard our national emblem; kangaroos should be protected and not seen as resources or pests.”
He said the Animal Justice Party would protect wildlife habitats, by introducing laws to protect them.
“We will establish a Federal Animal Rights Commission; animals have unique rights which should be protected by law,” he said.
“We will establish a legal system for animals which protects their right to live free from human harm.”

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