Senate candidate speaks out on climate change

Federal Senate candidate, Rod Bower, reckons it is possible to power Australia 24/7 with renewable energy and has come down strongly against any 3D seismic exploration off Central Coast waters.
The Gosford Anglican priest who launched his bid for the Senate on April 15, will run with Independents for Climate Action Now, a party of allied independents who share a commitment to taking strong action on the “climate emergency”.
“I find noise disconcerting, so much so that I struggle to concentrate in a room full of ambient sound,” Bower said.
“It’s difficult to imagine how marine mammals, who rely on sound to navigate and hunt, will be affected by 3D seismic testing.
“Acoustic pollution is such an emotive issue due to the affinity many people feel with marine mammals, and they are right to feel concerned.”
But Bower said impacts to marine life were not the only problem with Asset Energy’s plans to seismic test in the ocean off the Central Coast.
If the tests are successful, he said, resulting exploration, construction, drilling and eventual decommissioning of infrastructure will have devastating, long-lasting environmental impacts, “not-withstanding the risks of ecological disasters from spills, leaks and even underwater explosions”, Bower said.
“We already have climate change impacts.”

Media release, Apr 24
Rod Bower, Candidate for Senate

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