Songs of the Solstice Concert at Gosford Regional Gallery

Songs of the Solstice Creative Director, singer and songwriter, Michaele Archer

The Central Coast Conservatorium will hold a Songs of the Solstice Concert at Gosford Regional Gallery from 7pm on June 22.
Inspired by the colour and movement of the landscape of Iceland, Songs of the Solstice, is set against the backdrop of a Winter installation.
The artistic works draw inspiration from the best-selling novel, Burial Rites, written by Australian author, Hannah Kent.
“The mood and ambience of the Icelandic landscape that, Hannah Kent, creates in her novel stayed with me a long time”, said Songs of the Solstice Creative Director and songwriter, Michaele Archer.
The first half of the show includes original music by Apsara, readings and visual media.
The text will be narrated by actress and film maker, Augusta Miller, with music performed by guitarist, Giuseppe Zangari, cellist, Rachel Whealy, and, Gabrielle Steele, on viola, with, Michaele Archer, on harmonium.
Archer is Artistic Director of the annual production of Opera in the Arboretum, bringing together international and national artists to the Central Coast.
She is excited to bring a mix of artists and genre to Songs of the Solstice concert.
“I’m excited to collaborate with so many talented people for this project”, said Archer.
“I love the qualities we’ve got going with the combination of voice and instruments, with the rich, low tones of the cello and viola and alto harmonium and the softness of the guitar.
“The flavour of this music is raw, atmospheric and medieval,” she said.
The second half of the show is a celebration of favourites inspired by nature, including The Swan, Vivaldi’s Winter Movement from the Four Seasons and Tango en Skai.

Media release, Apr 30
Rosalie Paino, Central Coast Conservatorium

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