Surprise presentation for Local Achievement Award recipient

It was all hush hush around Davistown’s Alloura Waters Retirement Village Community Centre on the morning of April 30, while residents tried to set up a surprise afternoon tea for, Mary Leet, in honour of her many years of charity work.
Mary has been a long-time supporter of many charities through craftworks and other projects facilitated through the village, and her fellow residents were quietly thrilled to learn that she would be receiving a Local Achievement Award from the NSW Government as part of its 2019 Seniors’ Festival.
Joan Reber, a friend of Mary’s, said villagers went above and beyond to ensure the surprise went off without a hitch.
“The dining room looked a treat with a huge cake taking centre stage and many other cakes and goodies surrounding it.
“At the appointed time, Mary arrived to be greeted by 20 or so of her craft group and other friends in the village.
“It was only then that she realised that she was the guest of honour,” Joan said.
Member for Gosford, Liesl Tesch, presented Mary with her award.
“Congratulations Mary and keep up the good work,” Joan said.

Media release, May 2
Kevern Rowe, Alloura Waters Retirement Village

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