Local regional plans will change the region forever

As Central Coast Council fulfils their legal obligation of exercising two public drop-in forums to educate the community on the first of several Structure Plans for the region the Greater Lake Munmorah precincts, the community finds itself with proposals which will change the region forever in many ways.
Council has completely forgotten what ‘community’ is all about by adopting the NSW Government’s Central Coast Regional Plan 2036 and breaking it up into smaller and more digestible pieces.
Councillors that we put in place to serve their community and look after our interests, have been totally silent on this issue.
The Greater Lake Munmorah Structure Plan is nothing but a portion of the Regional Plan which intends to place more housing in the north than that proposed for the entire Badgerys Creek Airport City, doubling the Lake Munmorah regional population alone, and adding a mixture of industrial and commercial developments that are principally designed to cap contaminated lands and hope that the toxins don’t escape through the groundwater in the future.
There are tokenistic Biodiversity corridors and fauna crossings over the Pacific Highway, yet they do not tell the community that one third of the corridor is under landowner dispute, or Indigenous land title claims to put a further 1,000 dwellings on what should be bushland.
A further one third is currently Lake Macquarie State Conservation Area with no net gain for the region.
There can be no guarantee of employment for locals, if the demand for employment land does not exist.
It is nothing but a pipe dream which faceless bureaucrats from Sydney and planners within Central Coast Council are hoping for, yet they fail to remember those well-established existing local family businesses who were forced to close due to the approval of Woolworths, and we call that progress.
I correct myself, as there may be job opportunities when the assortment of mineral extraction developments rape and pillage our local landscape with over $180m per annum of extractions sprinkled in amongst the proposed doubling of new dwellings.
It’s not what is written in the Structure Plan Greater Lake Munmorah, it’s what is not written, with similar precincts proposed for the Buff Point, Budgewoi, Toukley and Norah Head regions.
I thought the community made it very clear in recent Council surveys that the top three reasons why we live on the Central Coast is our way of life, our bushland and our beaches.
It’s obvious that Council is not listening and the State Government doesn’t care about your opinion, as they bulldoze ahead with what they want.
The community needs to be calling for an independent study into the proposals, if not a Commission of Inquiry, as it seems to me that many deals have been done behind closed doors and most of the community do not understand what is proposed in this 104 page plan.

Email, Apr 23
Garry Blaschke, Lake Munmorah

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