Climate action does not have much council commitment

Discussion on council climate change policy began in March last year.
After attending the council meeting May 13, I now believe the policy, which has not been adopted, would have a maximum success rate of 20 per cent, drawn out to 2050.
Despite assurances by council staff at the community meeting held at Ettalong, climate change action does not have a whole lot of council commitment.
It will take many years for complete acceptance amongst the council’s ranks.
Government climate change action may be a reality during the next term of Council.
This is many meetings into the future with no guarantees.
The council meeting on May 13 was highlighted by the many concessions allowed to provide support and approval of development applications.
One of those approved was on the Peninsula.
Council staff and councillors are daft believing the community accept it is possible to completely answer a range of concerns within 24 hours when the same issues were not addressed in 12 months of assessment.
The good news is we can now expect the same speedy attention to environmental issues on the Peninsula.
Remember the site inspection by council staff and councillors at 2pm on May 9 at Farnell Rd Woy Woy, and the approval by councillors on May 13 with all the public’s grievances ignored without any details being provided at the council meeting/
How many years will it take to breakdown this entrenched corporate culture?
What is the increasing cost per day to continue with the “open to business” strategy?
Residents must expect rate and levy increases to address climate change actions.
It is inevitable.
Prepare in advance.

Letter, 16 May 2019
Norman Harris, Umina

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