‘Inconsiderate’ parents endanger school children

“Inconsiderate, lazy and arrogant” parents who use the Kiss and Drop Zone at Umina Beach Public School as a “gossip-chat station” have been criticised by other parents of students at the school.
“Children are being deliberately placed in a dangerous position,” one parent has told school principal Ms Lyn Davis.
“Our School Council has raised the matter several times and reminders have been placed in the school newsletter regarding the use of the Kiss and Drop Zone,” said Ms Davis.
Ms Davis said she recently received a letter from a frustrated parent regarding the issue.
She said she felt compelled to publish the letter in the school newsletter after a student was almost hit by a car at the Kiss and Drop Zone on May 20.
The letter-writer suggested that parents use “the large council car park at the end of Sydney Ave”.
Ms Davis said: “Please keep our children safe and do not drop them off or call them to your car in the middle of the road.
“It is a very short walk from the surf club to the school.
“Parents are reminded that they cannot park in the Kiss and Drop Zone between 8am and 9:30am and between 2:30pm and 4pm and drivers should remain in their vehicle.
“Council rangers have been in attendance and will continue to attend in an attempt to ensure that parents drive and act responsibly at drop off and pick up time,” Ms Davis said.
The letter-writer stated: “On several occasions I have witnessed parents (children long departed) standing on the roadside of vehicles engaged in conversation oblivious to the surrounding environment and the cars, one to two tonnes of heavy metal, jockeying for a position within a 100m space allocation.
“At times, cars are two abreast.
“This space is set up by the council and public school system for parents to utilise and to deliver our children in a safe and orderly manner,” the letter stated.

Newsletter, 21 May 2019
Lyn Davis, Umina Beach Public School

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