Hotel proposal draws comment

A proposal for a five-storey 83-room hotel in Ettalong has received two responses from the public before it even went on public exhibition.
The comment period started on May 23 and will end on June 6.
“Sharnie” has asked council: “Why would you build this right next door to a housing unit block?
“Secondly, why would you double up on what is already right across the road and start putting established business out of business.
“Thirdly, why would you put the other small businesses out of business.
“I am all for progress, so why not put something there that the local community can access and enjoy.
“It is not all about the tourist dollar.
“It’s about the community as well,’’ she said, arguing that these developments drive up the prices for everything in the local community for the average family.
She called for repairing the roads and for more parking facilities.
“It is not the local community that benefits from these projects.
“It’s the developer and other large businesses,’’ she said.
Another public submission, with the name redacted, said that while urban renewal can be good for an area, they questioned another “tourist accommodation” or pub opposite Diggers and around the corner from BWS and the Ettalong Hotel.
“I can imagine the Local Area Police Command will protest the licence as should the new residents of the luxury units next door despite the 83 rooms facing east and west,’’ the submission stated.
“I read the rooftop bar was for guests only, so will the neighbours want more privacy?
“Again, the setbacks and street scape are inadequate.
“Three water gums on the footpath should be least five as they are on the western side.
“The plants on the roof top need a rethink.
“Plants on the plans are understorey palms, but they are planted on the northern top wall, right in full sun and hot winds.’’
Details of the proposal can be found through the DA Tracker on Central Coast Council’s website.

DA Tracker, 20 May 2019
DA56500, Central Coast Council

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