Volunteers wanted to water street trees

Members of the Grow Urban Shade Trees group, part of the Umina Community Group, are seeking volunteers to help water newly planted trees across the Peninsula.
“With no rain expected for some time, our group is looking for willing community members who can adopt a tree or two to water,” said group member Ms Debbie Sunartha.
“All is needed is a few bottles filled with water.”
Since its inception in 2018, Grow Urban Shade Trees has planted a number of infant trees in streets and public areas across the Peninsula in an effort to combat the loss of green space on the Peninsula and to prevent the area from becoming an urban heat island.
“Simply advise us of your address and we will find you a nearby tree or two.
“We are determined to keep these trees alive,” Ms Sunartha said.

Social media, 18 May 2019
Debbie Sunartha, GUST

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