Planet warmed from natural causes 10,000 years ago

Your readers can be excused for believing that the Labor Party thinks that climate change is a joke.
On radio in early April, the then Deputy Leader, when asked what percentage of the atmosphere is Carbon Dioxide, (she) answered honestly: “I don’t know.”
Your readers need to simply ask the question: “Was there ever an Ice Age?”
Answer: The evidence indicates yes, and there seems to have been more than one.
How do I know?
Let’s answer that with more questions.
How old is the Great Barrier Reef?
About 10,000 or maybe 12,000 years old.
“Why is the Barrier Reef so young?”
The answer: Because of the last Ice Age, meaning the Great Barrier Reef could only have developed after the completion of the last Ice Age.
So if there was an Ice Age, what made the last Ice Age end?
The answer seems to be via natural global warming.
Was there any CO2 increase at the time?
Last big question; How many factories and coal-fired power stations existed 10,000 years ago?
In short, the planet warmed from natural causes about 10,000 years ago, with no human help.
Science reveals nature has cyclical patterns over time.
Any human contribution to carbon dioxide influences is minuscule in comparison to that produced by nature itself.
Is our current focus on climate change a big scam?
I will leave your readers to draw their own conclusions.

Email, Apr 9
Ross Blaikie, Kincumber

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