Social housing brings out worst form of NIMBYism

I am sure that all of us have NIMBYs (Not In My Back Yard) moments but it seems that NIMBYism really comes to the fore when social housing/low income housing/boarding houses are involved.
No one wants to have lower socioeconomic/income dwellers near them.
One of the most raised concerns are “alcohol and drug usage”.
What a furphy to think that alcohol and drug abuse are the sole domain of lower income earners in our society.
Facts show that alcohol, and particularly drug abuse, is often worse in the high income areas, such as Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs or the North Shore, not the lower socio economic areas of South Western and Western Sydney.
Who will police these issues is the cry.
Well it will be the same members of our police force that will police the entire neighbourhoods that these developments are mooted for.
A random check of these areas would no doubt show that alcohol and drug usage would be on the same levels as in the proposed developments.
People of all income levels and employment levels need a roof over their heads and should not be pushed away because of false allegations of so called alcohol and drug abuse.

Email, May 28
Errol Grace, Fountaindale

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