Cancer Support Group makes $10,000 donation as their final act

Candles Cancer Support Group

The Cancer Day Unit at Wyong Hospital has received a generous donation of almost $10,000 from the Candles Cancer Support Group.
The donation allowed the unit to purchase a new patient treatment chair and a vital signs monitor.
Nurse Manger of Cancer Services, Leanne Cowie, said the new equipment is greatly appreciated by staff and patients.
“The patient treatment chair is specifically designed for patients undergoing chemotherapy and has features to make it safer and more comfortable for patients and more user friendly for staff,” Cowie said.
“We use the vital signs monitors to undertake important observations of our patients.
“This includes checking their blood pressure, heart rate, temperature and oxygen saturation, which is a measurement of the amount of oxygen in their blood,” she added.
The Candles Cancer Support Group was a peer support group for cancer patients and their carers that has recently ceased operating after 16 years.
“When our group made the decision to wind up, we had funds remaining as well as some fundraising that had taken place on behalf of our member, Tony Sleeman, who had passed away,” said Candles Support Group President, Lyn Smith.
“Many of our members have undergone treatment in the Wyong Cancer Day Unit so we decided it was the perfect place for us to support.
“Over the years, Candles has helped just over 1,000 people in some way and we were pleased to know that our group will be continuing to help people undergoing treatment for cancer thanks to our donation,” Smith said.
Cowie said Candles had a long history of helping people with cancer on the Central Coast.
“We are so grateful for this very generous donation and all the support Candles has provided over the years.
“On behalf of our staff and patients, I would like to offer Lyn and all the members my heartfelt thanks for their compassion and care,” Cowie said.

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