Letter results in a small victory

I found it interesting that the Lake Haven management comment in the article “Parking blitz challenged because of lack of signage” (Wyong Regional Chronicle, page 6, May 22) neatly avoided the real issue under discussion, the need for some appropriate signage.
I still think when NSW Revenue denies an appeal it should cite the specific regulation on which that denial is based.
The Central Coast Council spokesperson cited in the article is misinformed.
Contrary to the opinion reported in your article, the NSW Road Users Handbook (free download available) is actually silent on the parking issue in this case.
I’ve done my homework and I am willing to give $50 to the first person who can show me from the NSW Road Users Handbook why parking where I did was wrong.
I was fined for not parking between white lines in a place where there is not a white line in sight and no signs or painted kerbs limiting parking in any way.
One small victory though, the shopping cart trailer is now parking between the white lines down on the main parking lot.

Email, May 27
Dr Lester Devine

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