Mr Perfect gatherings launched

Mr Perfect has launched at The Entrance

A new monthly men’s meeting focusing on boosting camaraderie and unpacking the stigma around men’s mental health, has launched at The Entrance.
Mr Perfect is a men’s mental health and social support network created by, Terry Cornick, to give men feeling isolated in their community or struggling with their mental health an outlet to talk about their issues over an iconic bit of Australian culture, the barbecue.
Mr Perfect barbecues are free to attend and have been gaining traction across regional Australia.
Mr Perfect first launched at The Entrance in March and has since grown into a monthly event with the next barbecue taking place from 10:30am at Picnic Point Reserve on June 9.
“We’re a grassroots, pre-crisis charity that encourages conversation and connection in a supportive and inclusive environment, with the goal of creating a judgment-free society for men and their mental health,” Cornick said.
“The format is simple, informal and completely inclusive.
“It is a chance to get out of the house in the sun, socialise and meet some great people and form a supportive community.
“Friends, family and pets welcome to.
“Mental health is discussed at times and is purely optional,” Cornick said.

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Terry Cornick, Mr Perfect Central Coast

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