Parking fine disputes are not uncommon

We do like the stand that Dr Devine has taken in the matter as reported in the Wyong Regional Chronicle (May 22, page 6) “Parking blitz challenged because of lack of signage.
We went through similar, or somehow comparable matters, in regard to parking infringement notices on three occasions over some 15 years or so.
We too explained the matters to Revenue NSW, then called State Debt Recovery Office/SDRO, but they obstinately refused to conduct a review.
Ours was also a matter in which we saw a lack of common sense as well as not having legal justification and that it was an error made by issuing Rangers.
A lengthy dispute with the SDRO finished up that we had to opt for the matters to be heard in court.
Court notices were issued, dates set and then, without any further explanation or a simple apology, the court hearing was cancelled and the matter put to rest.
That happened on two occasions.
The first one was then dismissed in court and my parking fine reimbursed.
I currently have a traffic offence and I questioned its validity with the Police and asked for a review with the Revenue NSW Office.
With this latest occasion, and as I did on the previous experiences, I asked the Head of the Revenue NSW office to have the review guideline legislation made accessible to me.
I do see the urgent need to have the Review Guidelines reviewed and will approach my local member of parliament to look into it and table a request for legislative changes to be made.
We just wanted to let you know that there are certainly more people out there questioning the practice, the amount of common sense used and the lack of real effort to improve the lives of the general public.

Email, May 30
Joseph and Rita Moser, East Gosford

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