CO2 levels have little impact on global temperature

In response to the article “Community Environment Network calls on Government to act now on climate change,” that appeared in Coast Community News edition 208; The Community Environment Network’s, Richard Weller’s, throw away lines to this subject are never backed up by any credible authority.
They are just throw away lines therefore a mere puff.
His opening call for “a rapid transition to zero emissions and preparation for the impacts that are already inevitable,” is a typical example.
What a hypocrite he has turned out to be.
NSW still relies on 75 per cent of its energy from coal fired power and he has lived off this benefit and paid a lot less for his electricity.
If he lived in South Australia where they rely 100 per cent on renewables he would be paying more than double what he pays now.
He talks about global warming being “an unfolding disaster.”
During the period 1940-1976, the planet cooled whilst CO2 levels were increasing.
There was scientific concern that the planet was entering the next ice age.
The historical evidence shows that CO2 levels together with other trace greenhouse gases, including methane, have little impact on global temperature or climate.
Weller’s scare mongering contradicts fact.
Since 1979, coal has enabled China to pull 700 million people out of poverty.
These people now aspire to a better life as a result of cheap coal fired power, providing cheap electricity.
They are enjoying a western lifestyle like you and I, and do not wish to return to living in poverty and no electricity.
Over 2,300 new technology, low emission Hele plants are in operation or under construction around the world, everywhere except Australia, and carbon dioxide emissions are not being reduced.
South East Asia wisely does not listen to Western Greens and any such call to ”instigate rapid closure of our current fossil fuel usage.”
Supposing Weller succeed in his call for “rapid closure of our current fossil fuel usage”, it would not make the slightest difference to the temperature.
South East Asia is increasing its dependence on cheap energy and efficient Hele coal fired power plants to deliver it and they don’t give a damn if green ideology activism in Australia cripples our economy.
The CEN should be congratulated on its continuing stance to protect the environment, but the Central Coast community has every right to challenge unproven assertions which contradict the facts.

Email, Jun 11
Len Gibbons, Umina

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