Girls remove 320kg of waste from Brisbane Water

St Joseph’s students on the Clean4Shore vessel

Students from St Joseph’s College removed 320kg of waste from the Brisbane Water during an outing with Clean4Shore on May 13.
“Plenty of mud and smiling faces as the girls from St Joseph’s joined Clean4shore for their first field trip on Brisbane Waters.
“All out was the call at the mangroves adjacent to the Punt Bridge, where small litter items were sighted and collected, larger items, including a possible tail shaft from a truck, a pallet, two tyres and four very full bags collected from the thick mangroves, was the girls’ program induction,” said Clean4Shore Facilitator, Graeme Johnson.
“Low tide made it difficult for the girls to navigate the mud as they cleaned 400m of waterway in Erina Creek.
“The opposite bank also had visible litter, more collection friendly with the falling tide, but requiring hands and knees to crawl through the mangroves to retrieve the litter,” Johnson said.
“Green Point foreshore was then cleaned, most welcomed by the locals, who took the time to thank the girls.
“A large lounge was carried out from the foreshore.
“To complete the day, Point Frederick was then cleaned of small litter, with many pieces of marine ply from a small dismantled vessel removed.
“The off load again required a muddy wade to the Clean4Shore trailer.
“Stats from this expedition suggesting that 780 pieces of soft plastic, 605 food wrappings, 380 pieces of polystyrene, 120 plastic bottles and surprisingly 114 beer bottles were removed from the Brisbane Water.
“The percentage of fresh plastic bottles was very small, suggesting that the Return and Earn scheme is working.
“All up 320kg were off loaded at the tip,” Johnson said.

Website, May 13
Graeme Johnson, Clean4Shore

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