A resurged Old Sydney Town is fantasy

Suggestions of a resurged Old Sydney Town to be included in the development of 120ha of Somersby land is fantasy.
I expect the State Government to take control so that maximum development is achieved.
The deal is already done, supported by key stakeholders, as follows: State Government, 30 per cent stakeholder; Local Government, 20 per cent stakeholder; Central Coast Councillors, 20 per cent stakeholders; local businesses, 10 per cent stakeholders; Chamber of Commerce, 10 per cent stakeholders; and, leaving the public with a very weak voting voice of 10 per cent.
This area is described as a regional gateway in Figure 5 of the Regional Plan.
The glossary describes such areas as “economic gateways” which identify the entire LGA.
I have been unable to identify compliance in the regional plan, however, I am confident proponents and supporters will quickly and easily identify numerous compliance references distributed throughout the plan.
Was this area identified as a future residential precinct in the Central Coast Regional Plan or is this an addition to the 75,500-population project and the 41,500 additional dwellings projection?
My previous enquiries regarding population projections made face-to-face with Department of Planning and Environment staff, as well as council staff, proved to be painstaking and pointless.
I expect that this proposed development is an unexpected addition to the Regional Plan and obtaining confirmation from any source will be impossible.
Gosford will not have the infrastructure to cope with this unplanned demand, especially rail transport.
The M1 will also be beyond capacity as more development is completed.
The Minister for Health should have architects preparing sketch drawings for the expansion of Gosford Hospital, to accommodate the unexpected population projections.

Letter, May 17
Norman Harris, Umina

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