Go Fund Me campaign launched to raise funds for daughter’s operation

A Mardi family has launched a Go Fund Me campaign to raise the funds they need to help treat their daughter’s Scoliosis.
Thirteen-year-old. Abbie Gregory. is an avid competitive dancer and aerialist and has been dancing with the Central Coast Lee Academy for the past five years.
Abbie thought that 2019 would be no different when she got back into the dance studio, but after running into some balance and stance issues, Abbie and her parents, Aaron and Larissa, quickly realised something was wrong.
“Upon further inspection we noticed Abbie’s spine looked crooked, so we immediately booked a doctor’s appointment where we were informed that Abbie may have developed Scoliosis, but would require further x-rays to determine the extent of her condition,” Aaron said.
After receiving Abbie’s x-ray results the Gregory’s were advised to seek more specialist care and took Abbie to see the team at John Hunter Hospital.
The family’s worst fears were realised by the Hospital’s lead Spinal Surgeon, who confirmed Abbie had a rare and sever case of Scoliosis, with her x-rays indicating a 65 degree bend in her spine.
Spinal bends of more than 30 degrees are found in only 0.3 per cent of Scoliosis patients with the average bend being around 10 degrees.
“We were informed that not only was Abbie’s spine at a 65 degree curve, but the top half of her spine also rotated 51 degrees and the lower half of her spine rotated 61 degrees.
“With this degree of damage, he is confident that with a spinal fusion he can correct upwards of 40 per cent of the damage it has already caused, but the unfortunate side is this will never be 100 per cent curable,” Aaron said.
The family is now seeking aid to raise the funds needed so that Abbie can undergo the corrective surgery and to help with post operation expenses.
They are hoping to raise $5,000 through the Go Fund Me Campaign.
As of June 13, the campaign had raised $590.

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