Joint recycling effort results in a defibrillator in school hall

Northlakes Public School has installed a defibrillator in the school hall thanks to generous donations from the school community.
“Thank you to all students and families who contributed to our Return and Earn recycling program to help raise funds to purchase our new defibrillator, and a big thank you to our fantastic Parents and Carers Group who donated $250 to help us reach our target.
“Thank you to the students and staff of K-6 Purple and 3-6 Green who worked hard each Friday sorting and counting the recycling items and thank you also to the people who kindly took the items to the machines for recycling,” said Principal, Larry Micevski.
“It has been a huge effort, but one that has not only resulted in the purchase of a defibrillator, but has importantly decreased our school’s impact on the environment.
“Keep sending your bottles, cans and poppers in as we will continue to recycle and raise funds for another project,” he added.

Website, May 31
Larry Micevski, Northlakes Public School

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