Are councillors against destruction of our community?

For many months now, I have been reading about our Council recommending and our elected representatives approving, non-complying development applications on our Peninsula.
While I have expressed sympathy with those who have objected most strongly and read that their protestations have fallen on deaf ears, I have not become a card-carrying, banner-waving protestor.
That was until I read the article “Submissions to close” on page 10 of Peninsula News edition 471.
Unfortunately, it was last Saturday when I read it, so I am too late to lodge my vehement objections.
My fault.
As the land was cleared before Christmas, I mistakenly thought that as I only live three doors away, when a development application was finally lodged, I might have received a notice from the Council.
Apparently this is no longer a requirement.
But while there is life there is hope.
Perhaps, just this once, our councillors will band together and vote against the further destruction of our community and the way of life we wish to continue enjoying.
Of course, it is unfortunate that they don’t reside here and make themselves available for discussion and consultation with those they supposedly represent.
But as I said, now it is personal.
I reside in a two-storey villa and have lived here over 20 years.
I have a view over the church to the hills on the other side of the bays and like to see the smoke from the warming fires rising over the treetops and the fog as it lifts from the water.
I’m very easily pleased.
Now I read that a further totally non-complying monstrosity is proposed just next to the church.
When the pre-existing residence was purchased we all knew what would happen.
Sure enough, the demolishers quickly moved in and down she came.
Now the applicant wants approval for a floor space ratio to grossly exceed the existing requirements because he considers them unreasonable and unnecessary.
Perhaps he should have measured the block before he purchased it, not after.
This is only one of a multitude of non-compliance problems.
Or did he think that he would be able to get approval because others were profiteering by doing the same?
I am also not happy that once completed, I will have four or five nosey neighbours eyeballing my lounge room.
I have my privacy now and would like to keep it.
It is time for us all to man the battlements and tell our councillors what we want and expect from them.
Not a continuation of these approvals, but a true representation of our wishes.
Come down from your ivory tower ladies and gentlemen and talk to the people you are selling up the river.
We have to tell them that enough is enough.
This has to stop and now is the time.
Don’t think that just because it hasn’t happened to you yet that it won’t.
When it does, you, like me, will realise how some bloke’s money grab can adversely affect you and your family.

Email, 18 Jun 2019
Laurie Powell, Woy Woy

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