Students take part in transport workshop at museum

Stage 1 students from Pretty Beach Public School visited Newcastle Museum on May 29 to take part in a workshop entitled “Are We There Yet?”
The workshop was an interactive program that chronicled the history and evolution of transport in Australia.
Relieving principal Mr Dave Rattray said it was a fantastic day, thoroughly enjoyed by the students who attended.
“While our students were there, they were given a passport which allowed them to participate in a journey to investigate different modes of transport and how these have changed over time,” Mr Rattray said.
Students learnt about steam train, trams, cars and ships and were also encouraged to enjoy some of the museum’s other exhibits.
Mr Rattray said a highlight was the interactive room where students were able to enjoy simulated hands on experiences.
“Students tested their strength lifting a car, measured their reaction times, built a bridge out of connecting blocks and many other activities.
“It was a busy day with plenty to see and enjoy,” Mr Rattray said.

Newsletter, 6 Jun 2019
Dave Rattray, Pretty Beach Public School

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