Couple assisted by MAD Day

Chris and Aileen Savill with the group of local tradies and volunteers that worked on the Saratoga MAD Day

A ragtag group of Central Coast tradespeople and volunteers came together on June 15 to change the lives of a Saratoga couple doing it tough.
The group came together to take part in a United Tradies MAD Day and performed a major renovation of the couple’s home, free of charge.
Chris and Aileen Savill are the couple behind United Tradies, an organisation dedicated to connecting tradespeople with those in need within their community.
Short for Make A Difference, MAD Days are the official name of these community projects.
The Saratoga project was their eighth MAD Day, and according to Chris, was the most successful one yet, with volunteers completing more jobs than ever before.
“We had a fantastic group of volunteers and trades,” Chris said.
According to Chris, the husband and wife duo fell on hard times after a sudden illness forced them to expend their super to keep a roof over their head.
When those funds were gone the couple were faced with the prospect of selling their home and risked losing out exponentially on the final figure due to its state of disrepair.
“Generally, we don’t touch for sale homes as we’re not about helping people turn a profit, but when we heard this couple’s story we knew we had to help,” Chris said.
And help they did, with Chris and Aileen fielding the cost of materials for the works which were undertaken by 15 volunteers.
Over a 12 hour period the couple’s home was totally transformed with 37 individual jobs completed on the site.
“Gyprocking, fitting a new kitchen, tiling, plumbing, complicated electrics, painting, landscaping, fitting balustrades, cleaning, varnishing, the list goes on,” Chris said.
Chris said the couple were thrilled with the result and were thankful to the small army of volunteers that helped them in their time of need.
“That’s what United Tradies is all about, showing people what can be accomplished when they work together,” Chris said.

Interview, Jun 25
Chris Savill, United Tradies
Dilon Luke, Journalist

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