Proposed new K to 6 facility will revolutionise teaching and learning

Concept art of the new CCGS Junior School

Central Coast Grammar School (CCGS) has announced plans for a new K-6 Junior School.
CCGS Headmaster, Bill Low, announced the plans on June 10 and said the construction would accelerate CCGS’s capacity to deliver next generation education.
At the core of the new Junior School architectural design are three buildings, one each for Years K to 2, 3 to 4 and 5 to 6, with flexible learning spaces flowing into seven neighbourhoods, one for each year level, with a transition onto landscaped gardens and terraces.
The project also includes the construction of an outdoor junior assembly area that will also serve as a sports grandstand and amenities, plus conversion of existing K to 2 rooms for senior use.
Low said that the new K to 6 facility, which will be ready for the start of the 2021 school year, will revolutionise teaching and learning.
“During the last four years we’ve transformed our learning culture and implemented Harvard Education’s Teaching for Understanding Framework, but it’s challenging to deliver student centred, innovative and collaborative learning in buildings dating from the foundation of the school in 1985.
“Revolutionising learning has driven every design decision for this new facility, resulting in a learning environment centred on students rather than classrooms.
“Adaptable furniture and learning spaces will give teachers the flexibility to facilitate individual focus, group projects and grade workshops according to different learning intentions and learning styles.
“Each of the facility’s 30 light filled learning spaces will be fitted with cutting edge technological enhancements to individualise learning and connect students in exciting and absorbing real world scenarios,” said Low.
According to Low, senior students will also benefit from the new building when existing K to 2 facilities are rapidly redeveloped to create senior learning spaces, which will fundamentally realign the geography of the campus.

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Bill Low, Central Coast Grammar School

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