92-year-old woman has lived out a lifelong dream

Dorothy Tideman

A 92-year-old Bateau Bay woman has lived out a lifelong dream of soaring over the bay and seeing her beloved local beach from the skies
Dorothy Tideman, known to all as Dot, was an avid ocean swimmer in her heyday, and earlier in June lived out her dream courtesy of a local paraglider, Mark Rossi.
Rossi, of Cloudbase Paragliding, said that after hearing Dot’s dream, he couldn’t not take her up for a glide.
“Dot told me, ‘I was bored stiff at home and wanted to experience something – to enjoy my life.
‘I’m not just sitting around, waiting to die.
‘I want to fill my days with wonderful experiences’,” Rossi said.
Dot’s words touched Rossi who hopes he’ll still be as adventurous as the rambunctious 92-year-old in his old age.
After the flight, Rossi had this message for Dot: “Thank you for changing my universe, and for setting the tone on how to live my life in my golden years.
“Our chat and your stories absolutely made my year.
“You’re a remarkable human being.”

Media release, Jun 5
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