Road network not commensurate with community needs

The following is a letter addressed to David Harris, Member for Wyong, and received by the Wyong Regional Chronicle for publication.
Dear Mr Harris, regarding an article attributed to yourself in Wyong Regional Chronicle edition 167 (Highway speed limit to be reduced to 50km in Charmhaven); Whilst I applaud the RMS on finally doing “something” on this stretch of road, their efforts, in my view, will increase the number of accidents, based upon the following logic.
Accidents in this area usually involve vehicles turning right onto the Pacific Hwy, (as mentioned) and predominantly those vehicles are coming from the residential area of Charmhaven, thus the number of vehicles turning right is unlikely to change, unless given, or forced to seek an alternative.
Logic and physics tells us that by reducing the speed limit in this area, it will create more congestion of vehicles traveling on the Pacific Hwy, in the reduced speed zone, a statement supported by the RMS’s own recommendation that vehicles travel three seconds behind the preceding vehicle.
If drivers are going slower, space between vehicles is reduced, thus more vehicles in the same space.
More congestion and reduced speed equate to less space between oncoming Pacific Hwy vehicles, thus making it even more difficult for the vehicles of the residential area to attempt a right turn.
In my view, whilst the reduced speed may reduce vehicle impact severity, it’s most unlikely to reduce the number of accidents, but far more likely to increase the rate of accidents.
This article illustrates the piecemeal approach that ignores the real problem in that the NSW Government is not maintaining a road network commensurate with community needs, and the proposed solution totally ignores the plight of motorists needing to complete a right turn onto the Pacific Hwy in reasonable safety.
It also totally ignores the increasing traffic volume on the highway, and its future needs.

Email, Jun 24
Clive Manson, Blue Haven

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