The Entrance Public School to support a community in difficulty

Following its successful community venture to give students from the drought stricken Somerton area a break on the Central Coast in 2018, The Entrance Public School is again reaching inland to support a community in difficulty.
Through contact with former Principal of The Entrance PS, Mark Rudd, the school has arranged a large scale donation of groceries to the Walgett community, where Rudd is now Executive Principal at the primary site of the Walgett Community College, and where the only supermarket within a radius of 80km of the town burnt down on June 5.
The Entrance Public School Teacher and Community Liaison Officer, Ally Bayfield, said local businesses remembered the school’s previous work and offered their services for the school to co-ordinate.
“The initiative has been really heart warming,” said Bayfield.
“Once word gets round. businesses ask themselves how they can contribute, and then they do.
“I’m sure the people of Walgett will be grateful, not only for the produce, but also for the knowledge that someone else is recognising the town’s issue,” she said.
A truck bound for Waglett was loaded full of collected and donated food items, toiletries and household items at the school on June 28.
After hearing of The Entrance’s new donation, the Somerton Public School community also filled a ute with donations and drove to Walgett earlier in June.

Media release, Jun 26
Ally Bayfield, The Entrance Public School

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