Tools have become a target for thieves

Tuggerah Lakes Police District has issued a warning to local tradies, lock it or lose it, after a spate of tools and equipment theft around the Central Coast.
Tuggerah Lakes Police District Commander, Superintendent John Gralton, said tools and equipment left in trade vehicles were becoming common targets for thieves in the district because of their value and ability to be sold for quick cash.
To reduce your chances of becoming a victim of theft, Superintendent Gralton advised of the following security tips: Park your vehicle off the road and if possible, in a secure area; Remove your keys, do not hide them in the vehicle and keep them in a safe location; Lock your vehicle doors and close windows; Install an alarm or immobiliser and activate it every time you leave your vehicle; Trailers should be securely attached to your vehicle or a solid fixture when not in use; Secure all toolboxes and equipment to your vehicle; and, Any large equipment should be locked to your vehicle with a chain and padlock.
“Thieves will look into vehicles to see what items can be easily stolen.
“If tools and equipment cannot be secured, remove them, keep an inventory of your tools and equipment, account for and check off your tools and equipment at the beginning and end of the day, and, mark or engrave your tools and equipment and record the make, model and serial number of your tools,” Superintendent Gralton said.

Website, Jun 20
John Gralton, Tuggerah Lakes Police District

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