Yasmin Catley appointed Deputy Labor Leader

Swansea MP, Yasmin Catley, will serve as Deputy Labor Leader which marks the first time since the 1960s a regional representative has served in the leadership team of the NSW Labor Party.
Catley’s portfolio responsibilities will include rural and regional jobs, building on Labor Leade,r Jodi McKay’s, commitments to revitalise regional jobs and manufacturing.
She currently represents a regional electorate with a high proportion of people working in trade and industry.
NSW Labor Leader, Jodi McKay, said she looks forward to working with her new leadership team.
“Yasmin will make a fantastic contribution to the Labor leadership team,” she said.
“I look forward to working with her over the coming years to promote our plan to back the NSW manufacturing industry and regional jobs.”
Catley said “what an honour and a privilege it was to be appointed deputy leader of the great Australian Labor Party”.
“Being a regional MP, it demonstrates how committed to the regional areas and the bush the Labor Party is,” she said.
“We know we have to win back the trust of the regional areas and have to get out there and have conversations with those people and that is my greatest strength.”
Catley was first elected as the Member for Swansea in March, 2015, and in the 2019 election, she took 60 percent of the vote, with an increase of five percent in the primary vote, for the ALP.
At that time, Catley said she was proud to “stand shoulder to shoulder” with the community and would continue to work towards a traffic solution for Carters Rd at Lake Munmorah, as well as making sure the condition of Tuggerah Lakes was up to community expectations.
Catley said this is an “historic” occasion as the ALP has appointed three women to leadership roles in the NSW Parliament with two leading the Legislative Assembly and Penny Sharpe as deputy leader of the Legislative Council (Upper House).
Adam Searle is the leader of the Council.

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