Council approves five applications

Central Coast Council has approved five recent development applications on the Peninsula.
Council has given consent to DA55579 for applicant S Sardi to build four townhouses at 6 Flounder Rd, Ettalong Beach.
The home on the property will be demolished.
The two-storey townhouses will include a total of six car spaces.
The proposal showed a non-complying ceiling height of 2.59m rather than complying 2.7m.
DA:56736 from Clarke Dowdle and Associates for a six lot strata subdivision at 143-145 Springwood St, Ettalong Beach, has been approved by Central Coast Council.
The council assessment said the site was under construction. It received approval in April 2011 to build six units and the current proposal was to strata subdivide these six.
Under a separate application, a house at 41 Melbourne Ave, Umina Beach, is to be demolished.
Council gave consent on June 24 to DA56640 from Complete Demolition Pty Ltd.
Under DA56314, a house will be demolished and new dwelling built at 3 Osborne Ave, Umina Beach.
Council has given the applicant Knight Mapleton Design Partners, on behalf of owners P and F Stucken, permission to construct a new single storey home on the property. Consent was given on May 14.
Application DA56387 for a three lot subdivision strata at 50 Berith St, Umina Beach, has been approved.
Council gave approval on June 25 to applicant Clarke Dowdle and Associates.

DA Tracker, 4 Jul 2019
DA55579, DA56387, DA56640, DA56314, DA56387, Central Coast Council

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