Full recovery expected after surfing accident

I had an accident while surfing at Ettalong Beach on the afternoon of May 21 and I would like to thank the kind people who came to my aid.
Darren and Erin (if my memory is correct) helped me from the surf and insisted I lie down and not move.
This proved to be vital as I had no idea how badly I had been injured.
I had fractured three vertebrates and two ribs.
Darren told me he had done a first aid course recently and this proved critical for my recovery.
Others, including John, who located my wife and the people who supplied towels to keep me warm were all very much appreciated.
To the ambulance crew and the firefighters who carried me from the beach, I also say thanks.
It appears I should make a full recovery due to the effort of those who came to my assistance.
Many sincere thanks to you all.

Email, 1 Jul 2019
Michael Kemmis, Glenorie

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