Helen Ferguson succumbs to injuries

Long-time Pretty Beach resident Ms Helen Ferguson died on July 1 in Royal North Shore hospital after succumbing to injuries from a car accident on June 5.
Wagstaffe-Killcare Community Association announced the news to the community last week.
In a joint statement, outgoing president Ms Peta Colebatch and incoming president Mr Mike Allsop said: “It is sad but appropriate to recount Helen’s long and various contributions to the community.
“Helen used to walk the Dog Track and Pretty Beach waterfront, picking up rubbish as she went, many years ago, and for over 20 years gave bridge lessons.
“She then turned this activity into the Bridge Club with its regulars every Friday, where she gave much helpful advice, including the encouraging comment ‘and the penny will drop’ to one beginner.
“She retained her keen mind and interest in bridge to the end of her life.
“She was also an avid golf player and won awards, as well as keeping extremely fit.
“And then she stepped up to manage our community hall for us, running it extremely efficiently, and was always mindful of presenting the hall and its facilities in a positive light.
“She contributed to our many activities, and was a full participant in Committee discussions.
“While she could be acerbic in her comments at times, not being afraid to make her point, her view was always welcome.
“She will be sorely missed by all of us at WTKCA and by her golfing and bridge partners.
“She had been about to start a new chapter of her life, but sadly that was not to be.
“Our thoughts are with her family, friends, including Graeme Anderson, most of all, who is bereft.
“Thank you, Helen, for all your contribution to our community over the years you spent with us here.”

Media Release, 3 Jul 2019
Peta Colebatch, Mike Allsop, WTKCA

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