Mains cleaning at Umina Heights and Pearl Beach

Residents at Umina Heights and Pearl Beach may experience dirty water over the next week or so, as Central Coast Council continues its water mains cleaning program in the area between July 12 and 15.
Council acting director Mr Jamie Loader said new technology would be used to ensure water was not wasted and disruption to the community was minimal.
“Council undertakes regular maintenance of our water mains to ensure the continued high quality delivery of this essential service to the community,” he said.
“We are using a new technology that treats and then recycles the treated water back into the mains, ensuring minimal water is wasted during the process – something that is essential as we head closer to the introduction of Level 1 water restrictions for the region.”
Mr Loader said work would be conducted between 8am and 5pm at Umina Heights on July 12 and 13, and Pearl Beach on July 14 and 15.
“We will implement a range of measures to reduce the impact on the community,” he said.
Central Coast mayor Cr Jane Smith said Council balances the need to use water and maintain the system, with using the latest water saving technology.
“If we all practise short and long-term water conservation behaviours now, together we may be able to avoid reaching the very low dam levels which saw us on stringent Level 4 water restrictions during the Millennium Drought,” Cr Smith said.
If residents experience discoloured water, residents are advised to run the front garden tap into a bucket for 30 seconds to check if the water clears.
If it doesn’t, they should wait one hour and repeat the process.
Once water from the front tap is clear, residents should run their back garden tap into a bucket for 30 seconds to ensure there is no discoloured water in their pipes.
This water can be used on the garden.
If water is still discoloured after one hour, contact Council on 1300 463 954.
If water becomes discoloured during a washing cycle, it is advised to leave clothes wet and rewash them after the water clears to minimise the risk of staining.

Media release, 1 Jul, 2019
Jamie Loader, Central Coast Council

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