Need to remove dead tree

As long-term residents of Woy Woy, we recently sent emails to FACS and Spotless, who are the managers of community housing on the Central Coast.
The emails were regarding a dead tree on an affordable housing complex next to our property.
The offices of Lucy Wicks and Leisl Tesch were both sent copies, given they are the Federal and State Members respectively.
The dead tree is sizable and moves around disturbingly in blustery conditions.
The concern is that it will likely fall across the fence, crashing through our pergola, and possibly injuring people or worse.
When discussing any progress on the removal of the dead tree with FACS, it was clear that the work had not been approved and it seemed nothing would be done.
My family offered help and support in removing the tree, as a means of resolving this issue.
The housing estate in question has a high elderly and disabled tenant demographic which increases the need for action here.
The office of Liesl Tesch contacted the local affordable housing offices for a report on where the work was at and provided us with feedback that it has been approved to begin work soon.
My family are grateful for the effort shown by Liesl Tesch’s office.

Email, 3 Jul 2019
Mike Harris, Woy Woy

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