New house subject to council approval

A new house will be built at 19 Killcare Rd, Killcare, and the old home demolished if council approves a development application from Fiona Brodie Design on behalf of applicant Joshua Canellis.
The proposal meets the council’s guidelines except for exceeding the building height by half a metre at the highest point. Less than four per cent of the roof exceeds the height.
The application says the proposed building height “appears to almost comply with what would have been the original ground line”.
It argues that the height complies with the objectives set out in Clause 3.1.2. of the development control plan as the proposal is compatible with the height, bulk and scale of the existing and desired character of the area and says the amenity of neighbouring properties is protected with no disturbance in terms of access to sunlight, privacy and views.

DA Tracker, 2 Jul 2019
DA 56671, Central Coast Council

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