Unemployment is worse on the Peninsula, says Tesch

Unemployment is significantly worse on the Peninsula than it is on the rest of the Central Coast, according to figures released by Member for Gosford Ms Liesl Tesch.
And the Coast’s unemployment is worse than the State average.
Ms Tesch said the unemployment rate for the Peninsula in 2016 was 8.0 per cent.
The average for the Coast was 6.7 per cent, and the State average 6.3 per cent.
This meant unemployment on the Peninsula was around 25 per cent worse than the State average and about 20 per cent worse than the Central Coast average.
Ms Tesch said these figures were based on the latest Census information and came from ID The Population Experts, demographic consultants who break down information into local areas.
Ms Tesch said 4.9 per cent of the workforce on the Peninsula were looking for full-time work, where the average across the Coast was 3.9 per cent.
Those looking for part time work on the Peninsula amounted to 3.2 per cent of the workforce, while the Coast average was 2.9 per cent.
Ms Tesch said the figures showed the NSW Government’s Sydney-centric vision hurt regions like the Central Coast.

Press Release, 4 July 2019
Liesl Tesch, Member for Gosford

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