Community members encouraged to vote for their favourite project

Several projects across the former Gosford LGA have been listed in the 2019 My Community Project program.
An initiative of the State Government, the program was established in 2018 to give communities a say in what projects they want to see in their local area take shape.
Grassroots democracy is at the core of the program, with communities able to read through nominated projects.
The projects are listed via each electorate, with 17 projects listed across the Gosford electorate and 11 across Terrigal.
A breakdown of each project is below, and Member for Terrigal, Adam Crouch, and Member of the Legislative Council for the Central Coast, Taylor Martin, say residents need to vote, and in force, if they want to see their favourite project funded under the highly competitive program.
“Across the Central Coast, almost 50 projects have been successfully nominated,” Crouch said.
“I anticipate that we will see strong support for this initiative, so I encourage everyone to make their voices heard,” Martin said.
Voting is done through the My Community Project website and closes on August 15, with the successful projects to be announced in September.
Anyone looking to vote will need an up to date Medicare Card and My Service NSW account.
Gosford Electorate Projects

Peats Ridge Community Hall

Amount sought: $200,000
Project Sponsor: Peats Ridge Public School

This project will see a kitchen and storeroom facilities installed at the hall.
The hall has undergone major renovation works since 2007 but does not have kitchen facilities.
A kitchen and storeroom have been earmarked under stage two of the development works but works are not set to be completed until 2020.
The school already has $37,000 in residual funds available to put towards the project.

New disability transport van for Sunnyfield, Central Coast

Amount sought: $79,391
Project Sponsor: Sunnyfield

Sunnyfield is a member based, registered not-for-profit charity that specialises in supporting people with intellectual disability.
Sunnyfield hopes to purchase a wheelchair modified van that will enable the organisation to transport its Central Coast clients to access and engage in their community, fostering a sense of belonging and helping to create a more vibrant and inclusive society.

Pathway improvements at Gosford Golf Club

Amount sought: $200,000
Project Sponsor: Gosford Golf Club
This project will allow the Golf Club to improve its access pathways around the golf course for the benefit of members and guests.
Currently, pathways around the green are subject to inclement weather and can at times negatively impact on golfers’ ability to play the game.
It is hoped that new pathways will improve safety and increase participation from elderly and disabled golfers.
The club regularly provides competitions and coaching clinics to the Special Olympics Group, and with paved walkways, it is believed the club will be able to flourish as an empowering and inclusive golf hub for the region.

Kariong Oval Equal Access Path

Amount sought: $200,000
Project Sponsor: Kariong United Football Club

This project will allow the Football Club to install an Equal Access Pathway, providing a safe egress for people of all abilities to travel from the carpark and nearby Community Centre to the oval.
The new pathway will assist people in wheelchairs, parents with strollers and those with mobility challenges to access and enjoy the oval.
It will also make it easier for equipment to be taken from the Hill to the Oval and will provide recreational linkages to the oval and Mt Penang.
Joint Community Services Bus for Kariong Neighbourhood Centre and Meals on Wheels

Amount sought: $117,000
Project Sponsor: Meals on Wheels, Central Coast

Kariong Neighbourhood Centre (KNC) and Meals on Wheels, Central Coast (MOWCC), require a bus to expand services to the community.
The bus would enable KNC to transport children in their OOSH childcare program to and from school and it would be available to the Kariong community for social outings.
It would also allow KNC to extend its services, as well as, enable MOWCC to transport clients to and from its Community Restaurants and to and from excursions.
The bus will be a shared resource between these two groups and MOWCC will recruit volunteers with the appropriate licence to handle driving duties.

Beauty Professionals Increasing Respectful Relationships

Amount sought: $55,000
Project Sponsor: Interrelate

This project will provide funds to help beauty professionals support female clients in difficult circumstances.
Many women see salons as safe spaces for women and tell their stories to their hairdressers and beauticians.
Interrelate staff will develop a workshop in consultation with beauty professionals and plan a number of different events to deliver the workshops that will educate and empower beauty professionals to be able to offer insight and advice to clients who share stories of domestic abuse.
These workshops will be delivered across the Central Coast and will emphasise services and organisations that beauty professionals can refer their clients on to.
The workshops will be presented at Interrelate offices and other local premises on the Central Coast.
Those attending workshops will be provided with a number of free resources and will empower professionals to identify types of abuse (emotional, physical, mental) and to be able to discuss these with clients.

One Day in Gosford, Community Memory Bank Project

Amount sought: $77,593
Project Sponsor: The University of Newcastle

This project helps people tell their stories of Gosford, creating a permanent record of personal moments in a changing city.
As Gosford’s people, landscape and streetscape change, it can be hard for residents, past and present, to recognise the places they know and love and the places where important moments in their lives happened.
This project will create an open, permanent memory bank for people’s stories and images of Gosford.
It will be accessible to people from all walks of life and encourages people with long standing, or very new, experiences of Gosford to participate.
The University of Newcastle will employ a part time project worker to take people’s deposits for the memory bank.
These deposits can be made via phone, email, letter, project website, or direct conversation at public events.
The project worker will receive contributions, compile content, moderate and curate the material provided.
This will be accessible via a project website and linked to Central Coast Council heritage initiatives.
While people are informally sharing memories of Gosford, there is no permanent and public home for these stories.

Gosford Community Men’s Shed Mezzanine Floor Project

Amount sought: $38,000
Project Sponsor: Gosford Community Men’s Shed

This project will see a mezzanine floor installed at the current Gosford Men’s Shed building.
This will accommodate for member growth and give more space to continue the Shed’s community projects.
It will also allow more types of activities to be introduced into the Shed’s daily offerings.
This shed opened in June, 2018, with 38 members, and now has 82 members and they’re in desperate need of a bigger space.

Improvement of services offered by Peninsula Lighthouse

Amount sought: $200,000
Project Sponsor: Ngaruki Gulgul Limited

Kariong domestic violence service provider, Peninsula Lighthouse, serves the Central Coast community, partnering with domestic violence survivors to transform their lives from ‘surviving to thriving’.
Peninsula Lighthouse will be able to establish and launch a range of activities that boost their existing services including the hiring of a clinical psychologist.

Regional Youth Support Services 3PI Program

Amount sought: $106,238
Project Sponsor: Regional Youth Support Services (RYSS)
3P1 stands for Proactive, Positive, Prevention Interventions and is a peer-led youth mental health and anger management workshop/road-trip underscored by an online forum, family contract, safety strategies and information and support services pathways.
The 3PI workshops are about arming young people with positive strategies for change.
The Family Contract and the Online Forum are about arming the Community with a greater understanding of and informed response to MHA in our youth community.
3PI will deliver youth mental health and anger management workshops throughout the Gosford electorate, designed to arm young people with resilience strategies, tools toward self-care, and raise awareness about local support pathways.
It will inform families, communities and teachers regarding recognition and best practice response.
The Central Coast has never had an outreach, coordinated, inventive response to youth mental health/anger management and it is believed the peer-led road-trip approach to the workshop series will resonate with young people.

Terrigal Electorate Projects

Building a Men’s Shed for Copacabana

Amount sought: $130,000
Project Sponsor: Copacabana Men’s Shed

This project will provide a place for men to meet and engage in productive activities that will benefit them and the Copacabana community.
It will be open to all men living in the vicinity of Copacabana, but will focus on those who do not have a workplace or the accompanying social support network.
Part of the shed will also be available for community groups (including women) to use for small meetings.
Men’s sheds have been shown to contribute substantially to the mental health and well being of their members and have received strong support from governments at all levels.
A significant number of men have expressed an interest in joining a shed in Copacabana, which has few alternatives for them.
These men will also serve the community by making or repairing furniture and similar items for residents.

Expansion of Gosford City Sports Stadium

Amount sought: $94,000
Project Sponsor: Gosford City Sports Stadium

Breakers Indoor Sports Stadium management are seeking to provide additional facilities to community members by increasing the number of courts which allow more sports and recreation activity to be held on a daily basis.
This will enhance management’s efforts to provide a facility that is safe and aims to reduce obesity levels by fostering healthy living for community members of all ages, genders, ethnicity and cultural backgrounds.
The stadium will also be able to tender for larger tournaments and sporting events, which will see players from regional NSW and interstate compete at the venue.
This would benefit local tourism and accommodation providers.
The Stadium also has two other projects shortlisted for the electorate, one for roof replacement works ($180,000 if funded) and one to purchase new basketball training and development equipment ($26,000 if funded).

Hawke St Kincumber shared path missing link

Amount sought: $200,000
Project Sponsor: Central Coast Council

This project will see the construction of a 100m of concrete shared pathway between Cochrane St Bridge and Hawke St Carpark at Kincumber, completing a dangerous missing link through the suburb’s industrial area.
It will also improve access between Mckillop Oval and Davistown, provide new recreational opportunities and improve overall safety in the area, particularly for cyclists and pedestrians.
This project will complete a missing link in a 5.5km length of shared path, between Davistown and Kincumber South.
This project expands on an affordable and accessible form of sustainable transport and recreational activity and will provide improved transport linkage for the community to access sporting facilities, local schools and shopping precincts.

Hitting Health for Six Junior Cricket Program

Amount sought: $34,280
Project Sponsor: Terrigal Matcham Cricket Club

Terrigal Matcham Cricket Club want to develop their Hitting Health for Six program to boost health and confidence amongst its junior players. This funding will be put towards repairs and upgrades of the club’s facilities to ensure that they can deliver the full benefit of the program.
The Club has grown its junior participation rate by 200 per cent and female participation rate by 300 per cent in the past two years, and the Club is determined to ensure that its facilities meet the community’s expectations and demands.

‘Big Ass’ fans for Holgate Public School Hall

Amount sought: $20,000
Project Sponsor: Holgate Public School

Holgate Public School’s Hall desperately needs a better ventilation system and has opted to replace existing fans.
The current fans do an inadequate job of ventilating the hall, particularly in summer months.
A new fan system designed for the space will: Improve health, safety and comfort for all students, staff and community members using the hall; Improve usability of what is already a public community resource; and, improve useability that will encourage more community members to utilise the hall for events, which in turn creates a community hub.
Renting the school hall generates income for the school and user comfort is vital for this to happen.
Improved access at Avoca Beach Picture Theatre

Amount sought: $171,600
Project Sponsor: Laughing Bird Arts Association

This project will provide new, modern toilet amenities featuring accessible toilets catering for people of diverse physical needs and enhancing community member’s experience.
It will facilitate the whole community to enjoy and be involved with the art, cultural and social activities centred in Avoca Beach and encourage greater inclusiveness and acceptance of all as a key component in the community’s outlook and behaviour.

Terrigal BMX Club Track and Start Gate Upgrade

Amount sought: $109,655
Project Sponsor: Terrigal BMX Club

The Terrigal BMX Club is seeking funding to upgrade its track surface and install a new start gate.
This will bring the facility up to a standard in line with other facilities across the Coast.
The track will also become a more user friendly facility for the general public with this specific hardened surface.
This will encourage a free of charge physical activity for the community outside of racing schedules.
This upgrade will allow the track to be used on a more regular basis by the general public and club members.
By bringing the facility up to a higher standard it will attract higher numbers to race meetings as well as encourage new members to the club.
A new start gate will accompany the new track upgrade and provide a safer alternative to the existing gate.

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Ben Sheath, Office of Adam Crouch MP
Website, Jul 23
My Community Project Program 2019 Gosford Electorate
My Community Project Program 2019 Terrigal Electorate
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